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GIS Consulting & Custom Map Solutions

Looking for the Map Maker to plot lat/lng coordinates?

Unfortunately, due to the "insane" price hikes in the Google Maps API fees, the original free Google "map maker" was discontinued due to economic infeasibility.

I use and recommend this map maker, an online mapping program that does everything that my free map maker did, and much more. It's free for light use, and the "PRO" version is very reasonably priced.

For those in need an enterprise GIS solution, the industry giant is Esri and their ArcGIS, however specialized platforms such as these are generally very expensive.

Need something else?

My Maps Inc., based in Boca Raton, Florida, provides GIS consulting and custom mapping solutions. We help companies achieve their business mapping & geospatial-analysis objectives using proprietary solutions.

If you need custom mapping software for your business, please call or email to see how we can help!

Darrin Ward
My Maps Inc.